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Heh.  From The Concourse.

Excerpts from The 2014 Haters Guide to the William-Sonoma Christmas Catalog

Item #66-7072176 – Snowman Cake Pan ($29.58)
Copy: "Only our bundt pans have a premium nonstick coating that helps capture every detail on the pan."

Concourse Says: This is the perfect low-end Williams Sonoma gift because a) it costs $30 but is also somehow utterly pointless, b) there is no way that, in real life, your stupid snowman cake will stay upright (how does all that icing stay up on his face? I call bullshit), and c) it's perfect for making a cake that you do not want anyone to actually eat. How do you slice the idiotic snowman cake? You don't. You bake it, you put it in the center of the table, and then you yell at the kids to not fucking touch it. That's how people roll with a snowman cake.

Items #66-1649441, #66-57921819, #66-4974309 – Peppermint Bark Cookies ($24.95),
Peppermint Bark Marshmallows ($19.95), Peppermint Bark Cups ($24.95) 

Copy: "Artisan (Ed. note: Of course) candymakers layer creamy white chocolate over dark Guittard chocolate and then top it with crisp, homemade peppermint candy bits."

Concourse says: Those $30 tins of peppermint bark represent 90 percent of all W-S holiday sales, so it makes sense that they would do a Marvel-style rollout of sequels and spinoffs: Peppermint bark cups, and peppermint bark cookies, and peppermint bark cakelets, and peppermint bark-coated beef roasts, etc. Soon we'll have a peppermint bark origin story. Very dark. Very gritty. I worry about franchise dilution. It used to be about the BARK, man. Anyway, you can make peppermint bark at home with four ingredients, but why do that when you can have an ARTISAN CANDYMAKER do it instead? Let me tell you something: If my kid went through college and then told me he wanted to follow his dream of being an artisanal candymaker named Williamsburg Wonka, I would beat his ass. No remorse. We don't need this many people trying to elevate candy.

But for real, I'd eat the fuck out of all these items.

Item #66-5832014 – Hot Chocolate Pot ($60)

Copy: "New & exclusive! Award-winning mid-century design from the Dansk Kobenstyle collection. Engineered for uniform heating in heavy-gauge steel with a stay-cool teak handle."

Concourse Says: Yes, a hot chocolate pot. Because a fondue pot wasn't quite useless enough. Hey, you know what other kind of pot is good for making hot chocolate?  A POT. Like, any regular pot that you already have. I know sometimes it dribbles down the side when you pour the chocolate out, making you want to kill God. But if you use a ladle, you'll be fine. The Williams-Sonoma catalog will not rest until you need a separate pot for every single goddamn thing you make. QUICK! SOMEONE FETCH ME THE GOAT CHEESE FRITATTA SKILLET! No, not the Western Frittata skillet, you MORON! It's $60. For a hot chocolate pot. Goddamn.


Item #66-210252 – Mushroom Logs ($29.95 For Shitake, $29.95 For Oyster)
Copy: "Exclusive! Grow organic mushrooms every two months for three years … Glass cloche protects mushrooms as they grow."

Concourse Says: The cloche does not come with your fungus log; it's an additional $189.95.! And you have to buy it, right? You can't just leave your shiitake log exposed to the elements like that. Your mushroom risotto will end up being 50 percent cat dander that way.

Let's be clear on this right now: If you invite me into your home and serve me mushrooms from your home log, I'm not eating them. You are trying to drug me, and I'm not having it. Don't be a fungus person. They're right below entomologists on the creepy scale.

Item #66-4052924 – Lobster Mac And Cheese ($99)
Copy: "Gourmet comfort food made in Maine with lobster and shell pasta in mascarpone cheddar sauce with Panko-parmesan topping … four ramekins."

Concourse Says: Four fucking ramekins! For $100! At least the $180 ham in this brochure is 18 pounds. I wanna run a business where people pay me that much to ruin lobster. Why does mac and cheese get a pass from the "don't put cheese on seafood" rule? Is it because Americans just blindly eat any mac and cheese you put in front of them? OH WHAT A UNIQUE TWIST ON COMFORT FOOD. There is nothing comforting about shelling out that much money for four frozen thimblefuls of lobster glue.  For a hundred bucks, I want LOBSTER.  Send me a five-pound Tupperware filled with nothing but shelled lobster meat, and then I'll decide the proper way to deploy it.

Item #66-5541453 – Breville Oracle Espresso Machine ($1,999.95 – "New Special Value: Save $500")
"Features automatic grinding, dosing, tamping, and milk texturing."

Concourse Says: Oh, well, if it textures my milk for me, I'm all in. I wanna meet the couple (and it has to be a couple) who share such an obsession with coffee that they need to drop two grand on a NASA-designed espresso spaceship that grinds every burr to a precise atomic measurement and heats up your coffee cup to a temperature that was calibrated using advanced fractals. I wanna find this couple, and then piss in their coffee. I really do. Send me their address, and I'll figure out a way. No jury would convict me. 


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I am guilty.

Somehow I read the articles about GamerGate and the mention of a Baldwin and thought "youngest Baldwin brother..."

Today, I actually noticed the name attached to the brouhaha was Adam Baldwin.  Therefore, not a "Baldwin Brother".

After a quick google of his name to see his reaction once the GamerGate misogynist hate-fest blew up over the internets, I find I am now disgusted with the guy.

Turns out there appears to have been little irony involved with regards to his Jayne Firefly character or his far-right Chuck character.  What appears to have been the addition was the warm fuzziness attached to the Chuck persona.  Otherwise, he seems to been playing his own uber-macho(in his head) fantasy self.

And he doesn't seem at all fazed by the misogyny of Gamergate.



Dec. 8th, 2014 12:06 pm
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Bama beat Missouri to win the SEC Championship.  Woot!

Made it into the National Championship Playoff.

So it's the Sugar Bowl against Ohio State University (and Urban Meyer).  Don't worry.  We know that everyone who isn't Bama  roots against us.  That's just the way that these things go.

Feel good story, of this has to be our quarterback Blake Sims.  Nice story re: Sims

Blake Sims did the impossible.

The improbable, anyway.

He didn't just win the starting job as quarterback at Alabama - though that was more than anyone thought he'd do. He did not merely lead his team to a No. 1 ranking  {...}  It wasn't just the way he pulled out his best when the pressure was on, though that didn't hurt. Alabama fans love the way he surprised them with his head and his arm and his feet. {...}after he threw three picks in the Iron Bowl, concerned that coaches would lose faith and yank Sims in favor of transfer Jake Coker.   They held their breaths - and tweeted #believeinblake -- because Sims has come to be more than Alabama's quarterback.   Somehow this year Blake Sims became a lesson, an example.{...}

"I don't know that I've ever seen a player go through any more than Blake went through for four years," Coach Nick Saban said.  Scout-team. Depth-chart bottom-dweller at running back. Mop-up quarterback. You name it, Sims did it, "and he never complained about it," Saban said.

Blake Sims is the guy they said would never make it. He is Rudy and Rocky and the Little Engine that Could.  He is the anti-Jameis {...}.  He wins, and he wins the right way. {...}He does not dance in the end zone or taunt the opposition. He does not boast or brag. When questioned about his most glorious moments, he talks of others. Not "my receivers" or "my line," like Jameis Winston says. Sims talks of the "great players" around him.

What a distance to come for a kid who seemed like a place-holder for so long, just another backup happy to trot onto the field when the game was won and Alabama needed to hand the ball to somebody who wouldn't score {...} They said he'd never play quarterback at a school like Alabama, so he played other positions without complaint. He watched in the shadow of larger-than-life McCarron, and was nothing but a teammate for four yearsWhen FSU's Coker transferred to Bama  to become quarterback, Sims - in his final year -- did what he always did. He worked.  He did not complain. He asked no pity and showed no bitterness. He just worked more. And he won.{...} He is the regular guy who was more than we ever dreamed.   When he was asked after the LSU game how he managed those third-down miracles, he answered this way:

"We always feel good about third down because that's what we work the most on in practice, and Coach Kiffin prepares us so well during the week that we know we're going to convert on third down."

Not me. Us.

Not I. We.

{...} It takes a whole team to win.  But a positive, no-drama, no-ego, team-first quarterback sure doesn't hurt. And he is now the SEC Championship MVP.

Blake Sims is the quarterback Alabama has always claimed to want. Loyal, patient, respected and respectful, first and foremost a part of a team.  He won Alabama fan's respect on the field.  He accomplished the improbable by winning their hearts. He did that simply by being Blake Sims.

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I never quite understood why the song was used at every home game, but it has been for years.I'm not surprised that the Administration is upset by what happened as the students added additional...erm... lyrics. But, honestly, it's not the song. It was the students adding the lyrics.
Admin is reviewing whether to continue using the song at games due to the incident.

(In case you cannot hear, the students are chanting "Fuck Auburn" repeatedly, after chanting "Fuck Auburn, and LSU, and Tennessee too...")

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From i09. Graphic illustration of survey results.
The Tea Party And The Mainstream GOP Have Different Views On Science

Okay, so I know that there's some Bible trumps Science ideology going on with right-wing answers (obviously).  But seriously, how damn stupid is it to believe humans are more powerful than volcanoes?!   Or to not know that the Arctic affects the weather.  Have they never LOOKED at the national weather reports... ever?
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I did do a small "heh" at reading this article on Richard III's bones.

The bones of the king under the car park have delivered further shocks, 527 years after his death and more than two years after his remains were discovered in Leicester: Richard III was a blue-eyed blond, and the present Queen may not be descended from John of Gaunt and Edward III, the lineage on which the Tudor claim to the throne originated.
Five anonymous living donors, all members of the extended family of the present Duke of Beaufort, who claim descent from both the Plantagenets and Tudors through the children of John of Gaunt, gave DNA samples which should have matched Y chromosomes extracted from Richard’s bones. But none did.

Since Richard’s identity was proved by his mitochondrial DNA, handed down in an unbroken chain through the female line from his sister to two living relatives, the conclusion is stark: there is a break in the claimed line of Beaufort descent, what the scientists described as “a false paternity event”, which may also affect the ancestry of their distant cousins, the Windsors.

Oops...? ;)

the Tudors did back up their claim to the throne through descent from John of Gaunt, son of Edward III and father of Henry IV – and ancestor of the Tudor dynasty through his legitimised Beaufort children after he married his mistress Katherine Swynford.{...}There are, however, at least two breaks in the line. The most significant would be if John of Gaunt were not the son of Edward III – which enemies suggested in his lifetime – which would affect the ancestry of the Tudors, Stuarts and Windsors

And another Oops! later in the article:

The five supposed cousins who gave their DNA are not descended from Edward III, or they would share Richard’s Y chromosomes, but one of the five is also not descended from the man who should be their more recent common ancestor, the 18th-century Henry Somerset, fifth Duke of Beaufort. “We actually went to his home and sat him down,” Schürer said. “It’s not the sort of news you want to deliver by email.”
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What Are You Reading Wednesday Meme

What Are You Reading Now

Listening, actually.

From Troy to Constantinople by Jennifer Tobin
Professor Tobin covers  "Anatolia" from early archaeological sites (some "prehistoric") to the Trojan War before continuing through the Greeks, Persians, Alexander the Great, and the Romans..

A nice mixture of examining both the mythology and the archeology of the area.  (Some of the archeological discussions are about relatively recent digs and are quite interesting.)

She's a good lecturer.

What Did You Just Finish Reading:
Forgettable Victorian romance ("Free" from Amazon Unlimited.) Sorry, I have no idea what the title was, and I've 'returned' it now (as Amazon Unlimited only allows you a certain allotted number of books at any one time, so if you want more books you have to return finished ones.)

This freebie was one of those where there were good points and bad points (But, hey, 'free' so I'm expecting to have to lower expectations sometimes).

The bad points: a couple of blatant anachronisms. I'm not a stickler like some people. It's primarily a romance after all. It's not truly historical. But authors should avoid obvious ones and there were a couple here.

The good points: genuinely flawed characters.
This is actually somewhat difficult to pull off. To make them genuinely flawed runs the risk of making them unlikable, which for a romance is highly problematic. Many genres can get away with unlikable protagonists. It's a risky route to take for a romance though. This one did a fairly good job of making the hero  screw up just enough to make him genuinely flawed (in this case -- shallow and a bit self-absorbed) but not pushing it so far as to make him truly unlikable. (I think that was helped by his shallowness on judging women's looks being accompanied by his being equally harsh on his own after acquiring burn scars. He was equal opportunity superficial.  As the heroine pointed out, he wasn't even really all that scarred.  It might be a mark-down from his youthful handsomeness, but he was still quite handsome having only acquired a couple of 'flaw's.  His looks issues were mostly in his own damn head.

The hero walked a fine line between shallow idiot and sympathetic determined guy... and that's not always easy to make work. The heroine had a bit too much self-loathing, but it was somewhat balanced by her independence and liberalism.

Backstory: The hero and heroine grew up knowing one another from childhood.  She had a huge crush on him on top of considering him a friend.  He, on the other hand, saw her as a nice but eye-rolling nuissance (Plus, he thought himself a 'catch' and her 'a clumsy scarecrow.')  When she was 17 and he was 20 -- and sowing his wild oats -- the heroine's 'hanging-on' interfered with his pursuit of a sexy widow.  He decided to 'scare [the heroine] away' first by making advances (kissing her) and when that didn't work, telling her what he really thought of her looks (which was...well... cruel)  The combining of the two actions made it even more emotionally destructive than either would've been on their own.

The nexus of these two things resulted in
1) a mini-scandal as the kiss was witnessed by her quite displeased father.
2) Self-esteem issues for the heroine, who had her first crush, first kiss, (and 'dear friend'!) tell her that she was undesirable and highly unattractive.

This resulted in her parents arranging an 'acceptable' marriage for the heroine, meaning that at 17 she was married off to a far, far older titled gentleman.  {The hero actually felt bad about this.  In his mind, he'd just been trying to make her leave him alone.  He hadn't thought her parents would force her into marrying 'an old stick' when she was barely out of the school room.}

Premise: 10 years +/- after the backstory, the heroine is now a wealthy widow and back in England.  Her husband had been quite the academic traveller (collecting insects) and had taken her to all sorts of exotic locales (Egypt, Sub-Saharan Africa, South America, etc.)    Her husband had been kind -- if inattentive -- and generous (leaving her a butt-load of money and property, everything that wasn't entailed).  While far from perfect, she had considered it to be a 'good' marriage, as her husband had encouraged her independence, respected her intelligence, and taken her to see and do many things. {So her parents weren't complete monsters for arranging the match}. Additionally, in reaction to the hero's criticisms of her as a girl, she had affected a very elegant style. She might not be classically beautiful, but she became (mostly) impeccable.

The hero on the other hand had not fared as well.  Since his father's death, he's tried to restore the family's fortunes through industry (*gasp* A gentleman who works?  Who openly owns a mill?!), leaving him on the social outs.  And an industrial accident led to a fire that led to (relatively minor) scarring (but we know he was quite vain in his youth).  The aftermath of the fire, along with low cotton prices, has meant that even his mill is now on shaky ground (and guess who the primary silent stock holder in the hero's company was... the heroine's late husband, of course.)   Oh, how the worm has turned. Now she's rich, worldly, and excessively well-travelled, has a title that far exceeds his own, and --worst of all -- wants a say in HIS company while owning the stock options to demand it.

You pretty much know where it goes from there. Although, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they fell back into a friendship (despite all the mutual insecurities resulting from their shared past.)

All in all, not great and not awful.  Fair enough for a free read.

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Sophomore slump. This has not been good.

Katrina/Ichabod is a chemistry black hole. Katrina is a 'Riley' (uninteresting lump blocking my view of more engaging characters).

Too little Jenny and Irving. Way too little.

And I suppose Irving is gonna go the DeadAndy route. Or rather (my prediction) is going to be the third Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Show needs to regroup, bringing back the fun and focusing on the team which had chemistry rather than a 'starcrossed' couple no one gives a flip about. Give it up, show. No matter how you doggedly bang the drum, Ichabod/Katrina is not going to be a thing. Just... nope.

Roll Tide

Nov. 30th, 2014 12:17 pm
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Roll Tide!

Bama 55 Auburn 44

We got to t-town around 11 and set up the 'tailgate' which had smoked turkey and Hawaiian rolls from Thanksgiving. Smoked sausages, dip, (my niece's) birthday cake, homemade cookies, wine, beer, cokes, etc. watched the Florida v Florida State game. And the Mississippi v Mississippi State game ( where Mississippi State's loss ensured that we had won the SEC west before our game began).

But as the announcers said, this game isn't about titles, even though titles always seem to hinge on it, it's about good, old fashioned 'hate' (which is of course sports hyperbole).

First half was scary, but we came together by the end.

And with traffic did not make it home until 2:45 am

Tired roll tide.

What it looked like at the end of the game

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I generally think the world is a pretty good place (or at least tries to be) despite its flaws.

But this is utterly, bloodily horrifying.

A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at the University of Virgina (trigger warning)
It makes you want to go medieval on someone. Many someones.

Between this and the tragic, unfunny farce of the Ferguson grand jury (*spit*), it's hard to not say that the world sucks.
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Short work week - yay!  I only have to work today and tomorrow.

Still a packed week, though, with both Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl (annual Bama vs Auburn blood feud ballgame). To-do (ish) list:

Today and Tomorrow:
-- Finish revision to the sheriff's station I'm working on (done.  Still waiting for the engineers to revise, however).
-- Send drawings to engineers for new batting cage project I'm working on (done.)
-- Drawings for monument sign at a nearly constructed project I'm working on.

Groceries.  My assigned dishes to make for Thanksgiving...

-- Roasted Butternut Squash w/ purple onions, cherry tomatoes, and red grapes  (I've made this the last couple of years and it's yummy)

-- Pumpkin Pie

-- Help mom with the cornbread stuffing/dressing (it'll be dressing not stuffing)

-- I'm considering making an ice cream (haven't pulled out that appliance in ages).  Something Thanksgiving-y. Ginger, maybe?  Ooh, I bet a pecan pie ice cream could really work.

Cook aforementioned dishes.

We're going to have a late dinner  (7pm) since my nephew has to work Thanksgiving (as a recent grad, he's low man on the totem poll and is on his surgery rotation.  He has to be at the hospital in case of emergencies).

Nothing yet!  Yay!

Iron Bowl day!

(By way of explanation, its Wiki entry:
The Iron Bowl is an American college football rivalry game played annually by the football teams of the two largest public universities in the U.S. state of Alabama, the University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) and Auburn University (Tigers). The series is considered one of the best and most hard-fought rivalries in all of sports.[1][2]

As the rivalry was mainly played in Birmingham, Alabama, for many years, the name of the Iron Bowl comes from Birmingham's historic role in the steel industry.[3])

How dispassionate. ;) Especially for  the sort of thing where fans get so fused they murder trees make pre-game trailers.

6:45 ESPN

Recover and/or mourn.
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Seriously, how did these people get into college?  And should we side-eye more psychology majors?

(And, yes, there are people this stupid.  To this day I remember going to see that terrible Mel Gibson/Heath Ledger movie "The Patriot," where prior to the trailers I was eavesdropping on a father and his two mid-teen daughters sitting behind me.  The conversation went like this:

Daughter 1:  What's this movie supposed to be about?
Father: The revolutionary war.
Daughter 1: What war is that?  Who fought in it?
Daughter 2: The North and South.

Picture me rolling my eyes...)

Examples of same stupidity (Hmm... which bothers me more, the ones that don't know what the Civil War was, or the ones who think the Confederacy won?)
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Take away:

Helena Bonham Carter is great casting for Fairy Godmother.

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Just glanced at my current playlist.

At cursory glance, it sounds kind of gloomy (LOL!) ...though it's mostly uptempo musically.

Before the Worst

A Deep Slow Panic

Hell and Back by The Airborne Toxic Event (great name BTW.  *snerk*)

Are You Sad?

Run Away

The One that Got Away

All is Numb

Kick My Ass


* Afraid

Love Hate Relationship

Nothing More

Love Runs Out


Bad Blood


I Hate You

Superman is Dead

Looked at that way... that's kind of depressing. (Not that it 'sounds' that way when listening).
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What Am I Currently Reading?

How Dogs Love Us - A Neuroscientist Decodes the Canine Brain, by Gregory Berns

Basically it's a researcher who decided to place dogs in an MRI to map their brains, much as we've done with humans.  Turns out they light up the same centers that we associate with emotion in human brains which leads to the question of whether dogs (or mammals in general) feel 'love' and 'affection' beyond "FOOD!!!  Provider of FOOD!!!"

Me: As an animal lover, I've always believed this to be true.  Those little furry creatures (cats and dogs) have opinions and preferences and jealousies.  It's perfectly obvious to anyone who has lived closely with them.
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Alice Lee, acclaimed lawyer and sister of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author Harper Lee, dies at 103

MONROEVILLE, Alabama -- Alice Lee, sister of "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee and trailblazing Alabama lawyer, died on Tuesday at the age of 103.

Johnson Funeral Home and Monuments in Monroeville posted an online notice of her death, which happened on Monday. The funeral home did not say how Alice Lee died. As of Tuesday morning, funeral arrangements had not been completed.

Alice Lee was born on Sept. 11, 1911 and grew up in Monroeville.

As Harper Lee's attorney, Alice Lee was well-known as the gatekeeper for her reclusive sister. She was also celebrated as a trailblazer, one of the few women who practiced law in Alabama before World War II, and a church leader.

In 1992, the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church started awarding the annual Alice Lee Award to women who showed commitment to God while breaking barriers for women through leadership. Named in her honor, she was the first recipient of the award.

In 2012, at the age of 100, she was the oldest attorney still practicing law in Alabama.

"I would consider I've had a good life," she told the Press-Register in 2011. "A good life to me is one that has been happy, one that has been productive. Things I have done have been good for other people. I've tried to be a good citizen in my community."

Monroe County Probate Judge Greg Norris knew Alice Lee all his life. He said she handled the cases of many people he knew and later, after he was elected judge, he worked with her in the courtroom.

"She was wonderful, very bright," he said. "She had a good sense of humor and she was always willing to teach me.

"She lived her life where everybody could see her."

She stopped practicing law after she turned 100, according to Mark Childress, an author and acquaintance of Alice Lee's.

On Tuesday, he took to social media to share his memories. He met Alice Lee as a child while she was working on a case for his father.

"She told me she modeled her career on that of her father, Mr. Amasa Coleman Lee, who was of course the model of Atticus Finch," he wrote. "I don't think there's any reason to feel sad about the end of a life so richly and completely lived."

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...  Farscape's John Crichton and Once's Capt. Hook (seriously, Killian, how did you get cursed AGAIN?!) wonder how they were not included on this list.   Heh.  :)

From i09:

7(+) Dudes in Distress

Traditionally, it's damsels who need saving, what with their pretty dresses, bosoms and emotions. Men, on the other hand, are theoretically strong and self-sufficient… which is why it's so satisfying whenever these tables turned. Here are seven dudes who would be dead without their infinitely more competent damsels.

1) Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games
Has there ever been a dude who was more constantly in distress than Peeta? Here's a list of things that happens to Peeta in the two Hunger Games he enters: Stabbed in the thigh, gets blood poisoning, is only prevented from eating poison berries by Katniss, nearly killed by a Career, walks into a Force Field and momentarily dies, covered in boils from a poisonous fog, enrages a group of killer monkeys, and more. Without Katniss, he would be dead a dozen times over, and that's before Katniss sets off to rescue him in Mockingjay. About the only thing Petta is good at is baking and manipulating the audiences of the Games, which is probably good since Katniss completely sucks at that.

2) Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon {...}

3) Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman
For every time Lois Lane was captured in Superman comics, Steve Trevor was also being tied to a chair and forced to wait for Wonder Woman to save his sorry ass.{...}

4) Flynn Rider, Tangled
Dashing, clever and agile, the thief Flynn Rider still managed to need saving throughout the entirety of Tangled. Whether Rapunzel is singing to distract the patrons of the Snuggly Duckling to keep Flynn from being captured, using her hair to help them down a cliff before pursuers arrive, arguing with Maximus the horse to continue to keep Flynn from being captured, the only thing keeping Flynn from the gallows is his new companion. Sure, he helped Rapunzel escape her tower, but Rapunzel actually helps Flynn escape death, so advantage: Rapunzel.

3) Iron Man, Iron Man 3
Iron Man doesn't often need rescuing, but he does rescue his CEO/gal pal Pepper Potts with some regularity. At the end of Iron Man 3, though, Tony Stark blows through nearly 50 suits of Iron Man armor to save Pepper, only to have the oil rig they and Adrich Killian are standing often collapse, Pepper fall to her death, and the Extremis-powered Killian about to turn Stark into a sardonic smear of blood. Instead, the Extremis-powered Pepper grabs an arm off some armor, punches the hell out of Killian, and blows him up, all while Tony lies on the ground and watches.

6) Fox Mulder, The X-Files
FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are pretty different, but they have one thing in common — a propensity to finding themselves in constant mortal danger. But Mulder, perhaps because of his willingness to believe and accompanying inability to think things through, more often needed rescuing than Scully. Scully rescued him from a military base in The X-Files' second episode and then managed to save his ass in a ridiculous virtual reality online game that kills people in real life in the seventh season, and dozens of times in-between.

7) Every Single Male In Buffy Summers' Life, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel. Xander. Giles. Spike. If you hung out with Buffy Summers on any kind of regular basis during Buffy the Vampire Slayer and had a penis, then chances are Buffy saved your ass on multiple occasions. Angel and Spike's vampire powers don't really help, so reasonable normal humans like Xander and Giles have no chance, whether they're being accosted by giant praying mantis people or getting their butts kicked by Angel's evil version Angelus, respectively. Buffy gave Angel her blood when he was poisoned, and she saved Spike… well, it's hard to think of an episode where she didn't save Spike, especially when he had that chip in his head that kept him from committing evil. To be fair, everyone around Buffy needed saving pretty much constantly, and that occasionally included Buffy herself. But given that the main female characters were Slayers and witches, the less powered male characters were easy pickings for the bad guys.

Trump Card

Nov. 17th, 2014 09:26 am
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Last night I used the gift certificate my boss gave me for Ruth's Chris with mom, sis, and B.I.L. going out for a birthday dinner. Cocktails and wine were involved and then upon returning to Sis's there was after dinner port -- my sister more than me -- and at some point the discussion became political. Both sis and I are passionate on the subject and we do NOT see eye to eye on this topic. Things got a little argumentative, and there was a morning texting round of I'm sorry for arguing something where we're simply not going to agree ((hugs)) texts. Followed by my trump card 😎, where I texted this. (She's the brunette and I'm the blonde).

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