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Jan. 5th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 15:55: RT @TeaPainUSA: Who do you believe? The folks that found Osama Bin Laden, or the guy hidin' at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London from rape c…
  • Wed, 23:17: RT @aravosis: Former CIA on Trump: "Unacceptable... He cannot humiliate the people who have offered their lives to collect that intelligenc…
  • Thu, 09:35: RT @JoyAnnReid: Threefer: Trump punishes intel agencies for casting a pall over his election & protects Russia, Mike Flynn, pushed out of D…
  • Thu, 09:36: RT @JeffYoung: Schumer wants Tom Price's trades of health care stocks investigated before his confirmation as HHS secretary proceeds.
  • Thu, 09:38: RT @armandodkos: I think folk miss an important point here - Trump's open hatred of the Other was the point, not so much the specific polic…
  • Thu, 09:39: RT @mareasie: "a disgrace massive and overwhelming as the very existence of the Star Wars prequels." via @mot
  • Thu, 10:18: Because of course this is what fanboys complain about (psst! FYI, the 'will to live' plot is also sexist as hell. )
  • Thu, 10:22: RT @LOLGOP: He won't rest until he personally stiffs each and every one of his voters.
  • Thu, 10:23: RT @voxdotcom: Rogue One’s hero has a Mexican accent. This fan’s response explains why that’s so important.
  • Thu, 10:23: RT @TheDailyShow: Tonight on The Daily Show, Obama and his anger translator Luther stop by to deliver a few parting words.

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