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TVGuide Stuff:

Sleepy Hollow:

The dynamic duo that is Abbie and Ichabod will hit a rough patch during Sleepy Hollow's season finale, and you can thank Katrina for that.

No, Abbie and Katrina won't be fighting for Ichabod's affections, no matter how many fans hope to see some Ichabbie. With the prophecy that Ichabod will deliver Abbie to Moloch looming, Abbie will have doubts that when her partner is faced with the choice to either rescue Katrina or sacrifice his wife for the greater good, Ichabod will make the wrong decision.  {Me: Which is obviously sacrifice Katrina.  Sacrifice Katrina all to hell because she is a woefully underdeveloped and uninvolving character!}

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Sleepy Hollow's two-hour season finale airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox


Once Upon a Time:

There are seven weeks until Once Upon a Time returns. That's the bad news. The good news is caught up with executive producers to get the scoop on what's ahead.

The last we saw our favorite fairy tale characters, Peter Pan's  attempt to reuse the Evil Queen 's curse forced everyone back to the Enchanted Forest. But Emma  and Henry, who were not part of the original curse, could not come along. {Me: That summary isn't exactly correct. }   Instead, their memories were wiped, and they were living happily in New York City until Capt. Hook showed up with news that Emma's parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, were in trouble.

{Me:  I always love how summaries of this show sound like crack!fic. :)

Why was it Capt. Hook that came to Emma in New York City?
Adam Horowitz:
That is an excellent question. Why and how?
Edward Kitsis: What the hell is going on?
Horowitz: We're answering your question with more questions. It's not why Hook, but how Hook and when Hook? What does it mean? That's something that we get to, again, pretty quickly.

The true love's kiss did not work. What lengths will Hook have to go to get Emma to actually believe?
Assuming that he does, it will not be easy, as it never is with Emma.

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What can you tell us about the Evil Queen's relationship with Robin Hood?
They have a connection that we hinted at and talked about earlier this season. Their stories are going to intersect.
Kitsis: We set something up for a reason. We're going to explore what that meant and what happens when these two people meet. We're going to see what happens when Regina has a second chance at love.

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*bwha* Best line of last night's Sleepy Hollow.
From io9:

Ichabod and Abbie chat about the development of language since Ichabod's day. "Intercourse simply meant social conversation, and awful meant awe inspiring," he grandpas. Abbie, for some reason needing to sort this concept out with this particular example: "So if I went on a date with a guy and we had awful intercourse, we'd be going on a second date?"

Works better when you can see Ichabod's face when she says it.

Anyway, Sleepy Hollow:

Creepyass doll to give your newborn, Katrina. And creepy doll grew up to be 18th Century Ted.   However, given baby Crane's fate, I think shippers can rest assured that Abbie is not in fact Ichabod's great, great, great grandaughter.  Whew!

Also, Irving's daughter is The Hunger Games' Rue.  How did I not know that?

And we have to wait until January for the last two episodes of the season, WTH?
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According to I09, Sleepy Hollow will have a 2-hour season finale in January. Excerpts of the SH news:

The season finale on January 20, 2014 will be TWO hours long. Here's the official description of the two episodes:

In the first hour of the two-hour SLEEPY HOLLOW season finale event, "The Indispensable Man," airing Monday, Jan. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) discover a massive secret buried within the pages of George Washington's Bible and unearth the shocking true nature of the founding father's death. Meanwhile, Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) makes a near-impossible decision for the sake of his family that drastically changes his future.

Then, in "Bad Blood" (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), the battle between good and evil comes to an explosive head – sacrifices must be made, worlds collide, loyalties are tested and the town of Sleepy Hollow will never be the same – resulting in a haunting first season finale.

According to Roberto Orci, the next season might look into Abbie and Jenny's father:
There's definitely a story to be had there and a deep and impactful one for Abbie and Jenny. So it's entirely possibly that we will.
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There was some shot during the episode last night where my thoughts were no more complex than :

OMG, Tom Mison is GORGEOUS!

(Not the shot --not as flattering -- but it's in my photobucket account so why not use it. :)

Seriously, the camera work on this show does some awesome beauty shots of its leads.

Add in Ichabod's girlie-scream while running away from the MOTW, his galantry while rescuing Lena Gilbert (and did anyone else constantly hear that as "Elena Gilbert" and think that Nina Dobrev should show up?), and his going a bit psycho there at the end (surely Abbie has got to take him clothes shopping now!) and...

{EDIT: Oh, and how could I forget?  Ichabod spoke lovingly of his father.  Good god, he doesn't have Daddy issues!!!}

Okay, show, resistance is futile.  I get it.  I surrender.  Uncle! I am so going to fall in love with this character. :)

Speaking of... while I've been Ichabod/Abbie from the get-go,  Irving/Jenny won me over last night too.  (And nice angsty character development for Irving.  Ichabod and Irving should bro-bond).

And someone please point me in the direction of the (inevitable) fanfic of the Ich/Abbie/Irving/Jenny Thankgiving dinner.  I wants it, precious.  I wants it!  
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Irving: A dead guy, a mental patient, and a time traveler from the Revolution...
Abbie: That’s our team.

*fist bump* (LOL! Ichabbie being adorable.)

Not my favorite episode. Though watching Irving get his badass on was great fun. And Zombie Andy sort of has my sympathy. Having sold your soul to the...well, is it the devil? Must be a bitch. And, yay Jenny is now being allowed to actively participate (and I think I could go for Jenny/Irving. {and Hey Don't Judge Me agrees I'm doomed to look for ships, huh. )

Downside... too much revolved around Katrina as prize.

Honestly, at this point I'm rooting for a twist where Katrina is evil because I utterly do not care about the epic love story of Ichabod/Katrina that is anything but epic.

To be fair, Katrina's actress is hampered by her only showing up for about 30 seconds an episode. She's also hampered by Katrina making no damn sense. {Where does one find low cut sexy Quaker outfits anyway? (Other than in distasteful tanning booth ads. Seriously, see the link. ) Or Quaker witches... or witches burned at the stake in the late 18th century... who are subsequently buried in church yards. Or Quakers who also dress like extras from Dangerous Liasons.  And, sure, a 9 karat emerald is more 'demur' than a string of amethysts... Surrrrrrre they are.... (Um, folks, emeralds are more rare than diamonds. Amethysts... not so much).  And none of that would matter if Katrina was fun, had chemistry with Tom Mison, or had a bigger -- less bland -- personality (than we've seen), but thus far... she doesn't.}

I kind of want her to be revealed as being complicit with the bad guys just for Ichabod's oh-so-noble manpain.  (I know.  Bad feminist.  But we've got Abbie and Jenny  to be awesome so I'd be okay with Katrina being less so.)

And, I have to admit, Ichabod in an  prissy hissy-fit is always fun.   I love his old fashioned earnest outrage about stuff.  Hee. :)
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Well that was fun and at times scary.

Ichabod and the internet? Hilarious.

Ichabod protesting 'facts' in the Paul Revere exhibit. LOL. ("We did not say "The British" were coming.  We too were British. Saying 'the British' were coming would have been most unhelpful.")

Ichabod's war on bottled water.

Abbie explaining Sally Hemmings to Ichabod. Awesome. ("We have this thing called DNA tests..." Hee!)

Tanning beds! :D

My kind of episode. Scary, funny, fast-paced, seemed like a lot happened, and a few nifty character moments to boot. I approve.

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Nov. 6th, 2013 10:50 am
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From their Sleepy Hollow Recap:

You're probably familiar by now with the madcap trope-deployment rate of the magic-cop show Sleepy Hollow. Turns out if you leave the show on hiatus for three weeks, those tropes back up — and when you turn the TV back on, it's a cross-dimensional guest-star-heavy hyper-flashback Masonic suicide pact with a sin-eater.

("You're welcome." ~ Sleepy Hollow)

Hee! It's crack that knows that it's crack, and we like it that way. :)
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Oh my, this cast is soooo pretty. All those close-ups are distracting because they are so pretty. Even in a bad colonial wig, Tom Mison/Ichabod is distractingly pretty. And Abbie is gorgeous. This show is so easy on the eyes.

Plus, Ichabod/Abbie are ADORABLE together. Love Abbie's sarcasm and heart.  Wonderful female lead.  And that scene at the baseball field with Abbie and Ichabod yelling at the umpire was funny and cute with just the right touch of pathos in Ichabod saying for a moment it felt like he had a place and Abbie saying that he did.
(The baseball scene reminded me just a bit of the baseball scene in The X-files with Mulder teaching Scully to bat. Oh what a lovely scene that was).

Ooh! And new supporting players are faves from other shows:

James Frain aka Cromwell from The Tudors, Crazy-ass-crazed vampire Franklin Mott from True Blood, The Kingmaker from The White Queen) has arrived with shades of moral ambiguity.

And John Noble aka Walter Bishop of Fringe ! (A fave Walter moment... delicious, strawberry-flavored death!)

Unfortunately, I see no connection or real substance in the Katrina/Ichabod thing. I mean love across space and time should have a lot of chemistry and instead I just... don't care. If they want us to care about Katrina, they're going to have to do a flashback episode of Katrina so that she becomes a rounded character with her own history and motivation. Right now she just seems to be an accessory. (Kudos to Jenny Mills for pointing out that Katrina is awfully stingy with pertinent information because... YEAH!)

The Mills sisters, however, are great fun and I like that they've already developed a nice sister dynamic of snarking and disagreeing with one another but you can also tell they love each other too.

Thus far, I'm quite happy with the way that this show is developing.  (And since these were the folks from Fringe, I have confidence in their always trying.  Fringe had missteps along the way, but it was clear that they were always trying and always concerned with giving fans what they wanted, thus I have confidence that this team isn't predisposed to arbitrarily yanking fans' chains just because they can, and that they will try to keep things interesting).

And did I meantion that Ichobod is terribly pretty?

Pretty, pretty man.[/Winnifred Burkle voice]  :)
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I don't care that the show is insane or that the 'history' is cray-cray. Ichabod and Abbie are adorable.

I LOL'd over a tweet I read last night re: Sleepy Hollow complaining about Abbie not remembering the Roanoke colony becase (as per tweet) "That was the only interesting thing in early American history!" Perhaps an exaggeration, but, yeah, the "lost colony" is one of those things that intrigue kiddies in school.

Speaking of school, I wonder why Oxford is covering for Ichabod. It's not a Connie Willis novel, so I don't think that Oxford has the time travelling history department yet. ;) I amused myself with what was being left out of that call:

Oxford: We have an Ichabod Crane on record in 1769. But he's on leave since 1769, and is in New York since 1769!

(Or therebouts. I figured he needed a few years early in order to meet Jefferson and Adams (Unless he was in France. Can't wait for that whacked 'flashback!'). And I must say, I tend to think Ichabod had it backwards. Easier to believe that it was Adams who liked puns and Jefferson who liked inappropriate limericks. Everyone pretty much agreed that Adams was a tightly wound stick in the mud... The 'history' be cray-cray. Hee!)

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