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Jan. 11th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 17:13: RT @JudiciaryDems: Jeff Sessions voted to oppose the Violence Against Women Act three times, a law vital to our response to domestic and se…
  • Tue, 17:14: RT @AdamSerwer: FBI had info that Russians might have compromising info on Trump, and knew there *might* be emails on Weiner's comp. Only w…
  • Tue, 17:14: RT @JuddLegum: 2. There's a credible report from a former member of British intel that Russia has compromising "personal and financial" inf…
  • Tue, 17:14: RT @JuddLegum: 3. There are also allegations that there was a continuing exchange of info between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives
  • Tue, 17:15: RT @JuddLegum: 4. Harry Reid had been briefed on this and warned that this info was explosive -- urged Comey to get it out before the elect…
  • Tue, 17:15: RT @JuddLegum: 5. In the meantime, Trump refuses to say anything negative about Putin or accept that Russia was responsible for the hack
  • Tue, 17:26: RT @emmaladyrose: Sessions in Oct. on Trump grabbing women by the pussy without consent: "I don't characterize that as sexual assault" http…
  • Tue, 19:30: RT @evankleiman: Bumble Bee officially "endangered". Humans are so stupid.
  • Tue, 19:31: RT @JudiciaryDems: Sessions on protecting women & LGBTQ: “I am not sure women or people with different sexual orientations face that kind o…
  • Tue, 19:34: RT @aravosis: Any media reticent about reporting on unsubstantiated details in the bombshell intel memo, you weren’t reticent about publish…
  • Wed, 10:42: RT @ThePlumLineGS: Trump said he was offered $2 billion deal. What this really means: If he retains his holdings, he'll be a target for fo…
  • Wed, 10:42: RT @chrislhayes: Wasn't this whole thing gonna be about the conflicts of interest, which are entirely unprecedented in history of US republ…
  • Wed, 10:43: RT @armandodkos: Trump's refusal to release his tax returns is strong circumstantial evidence that Russia owns him.
  • Wed, 10:57: RT @Shakestweetz: Trump just used "I won" to avoid accountability on his financials. That is the position of a despot, not the president of…
  • Wed, 10:59: RT @jonfavs: Trump's answer to every question about potential corruption is, "People don't care." So, show him you care.
  • Wed, 10:59: RT @jonfavs: So, Trump will still own his companies, which are receiving payments from foreign governments, which is a violation of the Con…
  • Wed, 10:59: RT @Driveswift: But Jimmy Carter had to sell the peanut farm.... lord.
  • Wed, 11:25: RT @LOLGOP: Maybe electing a collicky 70 year old infant was a bad idea.
  • Wed, 11:26: RT @mikiebarb: This cannot be overstated: the President-elect is trying to discredit the entire CNN news organization today. Wow.
  • Wed, 11:48: RT @EricM_Katz: Tillerson on Russian journalists/dissidents being killed: "These things happen"
  • Wed, 11:53: RT @JonHenke: Donald Trump — the Obama Birther who linked Ted Cruz’s dad to the JFK assassination — is deeply upset about dubious allegatio…
  • Wed, 11:55: RT @jonward11: Tim Kaine: "Do you lack the knowledge to answer my question or are you refusing to do so?" Tillerson: "A little of both."
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