Jul. 5th, 2005 10:39 pm
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Check out this site before the crazy $cientologist lawyers make them pull it down:

Oh, and two interesting tidbits from the Buffy CON in OZ this weekend.

Con Report

Fury Quote on LOST

"There is no clear plan", David lamented. "They basicaly write from week to week, and unlike a Joss show, the writers don't have ownership of the work, so that a Director may alter lines without consulting the writers, who are based in Hollywood."

"Also", he continued," There is no clear plan, so the writers still haven't figured out what is 'in the bushes' either!"

JM on the continued Movie Rumors posted by Gottarhyme:

Previously, David Fury said that a Spike and Illyria movie was being discussed with the WB and Joss (David had revealed this earlier that day, much to all of our surprise.) I asked James if he had been approached about the Spike/Illyria idea. Was it a possibility?

This was James' answer:

"Now it's Spike and Illyria? Man! Joss keeps talking about doing a Spike movie, and I am happy to do that. He knows I would. But I have a stipulation. All the years I played Spike, I loved the character, but sometimes I would turn up, and I had less than 1 and a 1/2 pages to do. Remember when I died at the end of BUFFY? Joss was pissed that the WB chose to reveal that Spike was returning in Season 5 of ANGEL. I know that a lot of fans tuned in to see Spike come back."

At this point, interupted, and said, "Actually James, I know a LOT of fans that only started watching ANGEL because you were on it.."

James nodded. "I you can imagine how I felt when after all that build up, I came back in the last five seconds, Joss had me hanging around and then he said..'Oh, we didn't give you much to do, did we?' Well, if there is going to be a Spike/Illyria movie, I think thats great, but I want it to be at LEAST 50% Spike, and that's my answer. I will do it, but it has to be about SPIKE. The fans want that, and they would feel cheated if it wasn't like that. But having said that, I think Spike and Illyria would be cool. I love working with Amy"

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